Lemon benefits on your daily life

Lemon is often promoted as a weight loss food, and there are some theories as to why this is so.

One popular theory is that its soluble pectin fibers expand in your stomach, helping you feel full for a longer period.

However, not many people eat the whole lemon and because the lemon juice does not contain pectin, the lemonade drinks will not promote fullness in the same way.

Another theory suggests that drinking hot water with lemon will help you lose weight.

  1. Prevent kidney stones
    Kidney stones are small lumps that form when waste products crystallize and accumulate in your kidney.

It’s very common, and it’s often given to people who get it.

Citric acid may help prevent kidney stones by increasing the volume of urine, increasing the pH in the urine, and creating a less favorable environment for the formation of kidney stones.
Another study used pulp from mandarin containing plant compounds beta-cryptoxanthin and hesperidin, which are also found in lemons.

The study discovered that these compounds prevented malignant tumors from developing in the tongues, lungs, and rodents’ colonies (40 reliable sources).

However, it should be noted that the research team used a very high dose of chemicals – much more than what you would get by eating lemon and orange.

While some plant compounds of lemons and other citrus fruits may have an anti-cancer potential, there is no quality evidence to suggest that lemons can fight cancer in humans.