Dangerous foods

5 Foods you should stop eating

Meat loaf

Unhealthy ingredients: large portions of beef

It was known as a low-cost dish in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, making it a popular choice for dinner at the time, but it lost some value somewhat as a staple of the family meal. If you feel nostalgic while eating and ordering it while eating out, the dish is likely to be full of fat and excess sodium (especially if it comes with ketchup sauce). If you go to The Cheesecake Factory and order the famous Meatloaf, you will consume more than one day of sodium in lunch size alone – dinner size is worth about two days. In addition, you will likely eat more meat than you need in one session to boot. (The food is literally called a meatloaf, after all …)

all of this! Instead: switch turkey or chicken instead of beef instead of slow meat, and try to put this dish at home to keep sodium and fat checked.

taco bowls
Taco shell bowl
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Unhealthy ingredients: sodium, fat

The taco bowl is one of the fastest ways to consume lots of calories, fat and sodium at the same time. Among the fried tortilla, in addition to filling meat, rice, cheese, sour cream, sauces and other ingredients, things can get out of control quickly. This oversized option is not to go.

all of this! Alternatively: If you are heading to Chipotle for lunch and go to the burrito sink, be sure to keep what you get given the bowl and choose not to get a tortilla on the side or any chips. Instead, why not make your own taco salad? Serve as Lettuce as your base, then add protein and some beans and salsa (skip sour cream to keep things fragile – salsa will give you a bunch of tough flavors on its own). When you are completely in control of the ingredients, this is always the best scenario.

Frozen Pizza

Unhealthy ingredients: sodium, food additive

Providing frozen pizza in the oven may save you time instead of ordering one from your local pizza store, but with a large number of sodium and scary food additions, you may want to keep these slices in the freezer section. Red Baron Classic Crust 4 Cheese Pizza contains ingredients like L-Cysteine ​​hydrochloride (a salt used to treat overdoses) and “ammonium sulfate” (a commonly used herbal fertilizer), along with 720 milligrams of sodium per serving, while Tombstone’s Frozen Pepperoni contains The pizza is on BHT and BHA, so you’re really unsafe no matter which famous brand you prefer.

all of this! Instead: it’s better to make your own pizza! If you want to eat a Hawaiian-style pie or a variety for breakfast, then a homemade pie is never a bad idea, as you have complete control over the ingredients. Start with whole wheat pizza dough, low-sodium marinara sauce, with a light sprinkle of cheese, healthy layers, and whatever you have done.

Fettuccine Alfredo Plate
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Unhealthy ingredient: cream, butter

Alfredo sauce is made with cream, parmesan cheese, and a lot of butter, which wreaks havoc on your waistline. In fact, the cream is rarely used in authentic Italian pasta dishes, so if you visit Italy, there is a good chance that you will not find this dish in the restaurant menus. It’s on the Olive Garden list, and it comes at 1010 calories, proving that this is a new American version of the classic dish without which you are better off.

all of this! Alternatively: If you want to get pasta, instead consult in a classic pasta recipe for my Olio, as this dish contains very few ingredients: garlic, oil, salt, and pasta.

Belgian Waffles
Belgian waffles
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Unhealthy ingredients: sodium, simple carbohydrates

Belgian pancakes tend to be bigger and thicker with deeper grids aimed at containing more drink, butter and cream, so there is enough reason to avoid choosing this as an option for breakfast when you find yourself eating at dinner. In addition, they are often loaded with sugar and sweet beaters, so they can go from bad to worse. It is also packed with simple carbohydrates, which makes them very easy to digest and not very promising when it comes to keeping your entire focus.

all of this! Alternatively: Go with a traditional waffle cake that you can prepare at home and make sure to eat it with pure maple syrup and fruits, such as Trader Joe’s Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup.

onion rings
onion rings
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Unhealthy ingredient: sugar, saturated fat

The onion ring is a great example of how to remove everything good about vegetables, thanks to being deeply fried. Some say it is worse than french fries because onion rings contain more calories, saturated fats, more sugar and less potassium.

all of this! Instead: a 3-ounce serving of fried calamari – similar to an onion ring – contains about 150 calories, 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and 6 grams of carbohydrates, along with plenty of zinc and B vitamins. Better even if you can do grilled calamari instead!

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Unhealthy ingredients: sodium, sugar, and preservatives

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