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the effects of mental health on your body

Be happier, more satisfied and self-confident by following these mental health advice.

Allow yourself to relax: relieve tensions and find a fun pastime that you can enjoy.
Reading: Exercise your mind with a good book.
Adapting to change: Don’t resist change, just be patient and learn to adapt.
Read something new: If you usually read puzzles, choose a classic novel instead to give yourself a variety of reading materials.
Practice respecting yourself: give yourself credit, reduce cash, and be confident of a healthier outlook.
Writing: Use writing as a way to stimulate your mind, release ideas, and improve your memory.
Praise yourself: when you do a good job, don’t be afraid to get angry at the back.
Express your feelings: Find a way to keep your feelings out, whether it’s crying, singing or writing in your journal.
Learn something new: Make multiple areas of your mind work by learning a new skill.
Turn off your TV: Spend more time actually living by turning off the TV and getting out of the sofa.
Practice memorization: Play memory games such as remembering shopping lists, doing lists, and other tasks.
Avoid procrastination: delaying the things you need or want to do will make you feel bad about yourself.
Play brain games: find crossword puzzles, teasers, or drawing illusions to improve your brain clarity.
Meditation: Give your brain a workout and relax at the same time with meditation.
Laugh a lot: watch humor in everyday life, and you will be happier.
Listen to music: Use music as a remedy to reduce stress, improve your memory and even activate your immune system.
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