health tips at work

Or spend a lot of your time working, so make sure you are in a healthy environment with these tips for the office.

Spend time outside: get out of the office and look at the sun, even if it’s for a minute. Better yet, use your lunch hour to wander around the block or head to the gym.
Pack your lunch: Don’t leave your lunch until the fast food joint is around the corner. Pack a healthy lunch early, and you will know that your lunch is good for you.
Reduce coffee consumption: Don’t put yourself in an energy roll – avoid using caffeine as a way to get energy all day, and use healthy water and food instead.
Keep healthy snacks: stay away from cookie jars in the office and keep dried fruits, nuts, and bars instead.
Clean your desk: Block bacteria from your desk by wiping surfaces such as the keyboard and phone regularly.
Be careful with buffets: Avoid overly eating office buffets only because food is present.
Stay away from it all: If you have severe stress levels, walk away from your desk for a few moments by walking in the halls or waking up to a glass of water.
Resist the temptation to free food: Eat only free food if it’s at least marginally healthy and you’re already hungry. Don’t forget to exercise control over the part, too.