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ways to change your daily life in 5 minutes

Wipe your desk handle.
Researchers from the University of Arizona said that using antiseptic wipes on objects that have been usually touched, such as door handles, can reduce the spread of viruses that cause cold and flu by up to 90%.
Eat sardines twice a week.
It’s packed with protein and omega-3, and it’s the most worthy place on your plate. Try these three easy recipes with sardines – your heart will thank you.
Increase your memory while you are a grocery store.
Instead of listing, take a page from Memory Game Chester Chester Santos in the US and think of a crazy story containing the items you need to buy. (Try these six simple brain boosts to keep your thinker thinking.)
take deep breath.
For a quick focus, you can sit comfortably, breathe naturally, and rest your attention, says Sharon Salzberg, author of “True Happiness: The Power of Meditation.” With each inhale and exhale, mentally repeat the words “in” and “out”. If your mind wanders, you just have to leave it without making a judgment, and return your attention to it.