Dangerous foods

sweet foods that are unhealthy for you

Filled cake mixes

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Unhealthy ingredients: artificial flavors and artificial colors

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” Like a slice of sugary, a cake loaded with chemical, right? Storing the cake from the tray is much easier than collecting and baking all ingredients from scratch. But taking this acronym may cost you in the health department. Many cake mixes of Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker and Jiffy are mixed with puffy sugar and doubtful chemicals – which is something we don’t celebrate.

all of this! Instead: Celebrate the occasion and the fact that you are not harming your health with excessive sugar by picking up a can of our best, mixing the “I agree!” Cake.

Baked goods

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Unhealthy ingredients: potassium bromate (brominated flour)

Potassium bromine, banned in the United Kingdom and Canada, still lies in some American foods such as pizza, rolls, wraps, breadcrumbs and bagels, according to a 2015 non-profit Environmental Action Group analysis. The problem? A 1982 study found that tumors that strengthened the dough in mice and led the Environmental Protection Agency to infer the bromate were a “potential human carcinogen”. It was also linked to kidney failure and cell degradation, according to a 2001 bromination toxicity review by the Environmental Protection Agency. While the FDA has encouraged bakers to voluntarily discontinue its use since 1991, the EWG group has found evidence that it lies in 86 different products, including GoYA’s Empcoadas Disco Dough Sheets.

all of this! Instead: This will take a little investigative work on your part, but take a moment to clear the ingredient list the next time you’re on the market. Fortunately, due to California Proposition No. 65, any product sold in California using Promate flour should carry a cancer warning, so it will be easy to pick if you live in that state. If you’ve picked up a package containing potassium bromine or brominated flour on the label, put it down and pick something else.

Bottled water

Unhealthy ingredients: BPA (Bisphenol-A)

BPA (one of these scary toxins hidden in your cooking containers and storage containers) is a chemical that mimics the hormones in almost all food packaging materials, and that’s bad news. According to a study in clinical and experimental reproductive medicine, chronic ingestion of this chemical can lead to a variety of hormonal changes, including early puberty in females, sperms, reduction, obesity, and increased rates of reproductive cancers. Active in only parts of a billion, a study in reproductive toxicology has found that one of the things known as BPA is to cause men to grow breasts by disrupting their hormones.

Drink this instead: join the growing number of people who want to stay hydrated but also stay alive and with almost no change in the size of their breasts by pouring filtered water into a metal flask or bottle other than BPA. We admire S’Well bottles as they come in many cool and colorful styles.

Dried fruit snacks

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Unhealthy ingredients: sulfates, added sugars or infusions of fruit juice, vegetable oil

Sulfite, which is used to keep fresh foods, is often used in dried fruit meals. Asthma runs a high risk of reaction to sulfite (although excessive sensitivity and life-threatening reactions are rare), such as swelling of the throat, hives, and migraines, according to a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. You should also watch dried fruits that contain sugars – without water, dried fruits have a higher sugar content than their deadly counterparts, and you don’t really need to increase your blood sugar. Additionally, many of the dried fruits are coated in inflammatory vegetable oils, adding extra calories and unnecessary fats to a relatively healthy snack.

all of this! Instead: get dried fruits from a retailer like Whole Foods, which says that all dried fruits are 100% sulfate free.

American cheese
American cheese
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Unhealthy ingredients: sodium citrate and phosphate

The orange cheese block in the dairy tray of your supermarket is more than just a flavor-free mass of dairy honey ingredients – it’s full of ugly additions as well. While many companies happily choose natural colors to give cheese that brand of dirty mist to spray, they are still loading these narrow slices with ingredients that can harm your health. Kraft Singles are packed with sodium citrate, which can cause muscle cramps and may be unhealthy for individuals with kidney health problems. It is also full of sodium phosphate, an ingredient used to prevent crystallization of meat and dairy products, which has been linked to an increased risk of bone marrow, osteoporosis, and kidney health problems.