Dangerous foods

You should probably stop eating this

Cheese wiz
Craft Whiz Cheese

Unhealthy component: canola oil, sodium phosphate, corn syrup, caramel color

This processed cheese has a long list of ingredients, including lots of artificial flavors, colors, stuffing materials, preservatives … and not much of actual cheese. Plus, 2 tablespoons of this drop knocks you 410 mg of sodium!

all of this! Alternatively: you can reach a 100 percent real cheddar block instead. You cannot go wrong with the real things.

Nissin Cup Noodles

Unhealthy ingredients: sodium

The original Noodle Cup may bring nostalgia if you are something you used to eat when you were a child, but it is better to keep this soup in the past. With a single serving of more than 1,000 mg of sodium, just say no to this processed soup.

all of this! Alternatively: Although nothing beats home-made soup, if you’re pressed for time, try a canned version like organic Pacific noodle soup chicken soup that’s not only much less than sodium, but contains simple ingredients you really want to see in soup Your like, cooked chicken, chicken broth, peas, carrots and spices.

Milan Cookies

Unhealthy ingredients: hydrogenated soybean oil and sugar

Accessing this milk chocolate Milanos may sound like a great treat, but don’t let cookies fool you. Not only are there some questionable ingredients, but in just three cookies, you’ll get over a quarter of the recommended sugar per day if you stick to 2,000 calories per day.

all of this! Alternatively: Fat Snax’s cookies are not only low-carb, but also have no sugar. Plus, she is friendly to Keto! Each package comes with two cookies and with chocolate chip and double chocolate chip flavors, you will be able to satisfy your sweet teeth with the option of candy candy.

Totino Pizza Rolls

Unhealthy ingredients: sodium nitrite, BHA, BHT

Imitate the mozzarella listed in the ingredients until it says it all! But there are a lot of scary additives and preservatives here, too, like sodium nitrite, sodium phosphate, BHA, and BHT, all of which are just uncensored animals.

all of this! Alternatively: you can take apart English muffins for mini personal pancakes that serve a snack instead. No tradition cheese here!