Strange, inexplicable and frightening photos that scare to death

Strange, inexplicable and frightening photos that scare to death

Many today believe in magic and esotericism. This is not surprising. After all, every day on the network we see strange and shocking photos and videos. And if sometimes we can attribute them to a hardware malfunction, then often a frightening picture simply has no logical explanation.

Long dead people, aliens, abnormal physical phenomena and chilling stories from the very bottom of Internet! Enter our gallery of scary photographs at your own risk.

1. 1970 ghost

This inexplicable photo was taken by an ordinary woman near an ordinary school. After processing the film, she was surprised to find a mystical translucent figure of a man dressed in a fancy pink suit. Disputes about whether it is a real ghost or just an artifact of long photographic exposure, still not subside.


2. Mysterious boy

In this old photo we see a boy in his room. But next to him in a mystical way, after the film was developed, the figure of another child appeared. The photo was taken on an old film camera, and no one intended to use any special effects. Nevertheless, we see the silhouette of a strange child, on whose face there is neither joy nor enthusiasm. This is one of the most frightening photos of recent years.


3. Message from Michael Jackson

This strange video was shown on all US TV channels. The journalist led a report from the former Michael Jackson ranch Neverland. The camera captured a silhouette that looked like a living King of Pop. Many people still argue whether it was a joke or the ghost of Michael Jackson really visited his old house. Some say that this is nothing more than a cardboard figure of a singer. And what do you think?



4. Battle of the Gettysburg

Perhaps this is one of the oldest and most mysterious photographs from the Battle of the Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. During the battle of 1863 many people died. One of the war photographers took a picture that looked like the ghost of a soldier. Fellow-soldiers said it was an infantryman from their division, who died shortly before this picture was taken. Of course, the photo is fuzzy, but it looks totally non-natural!

5. Teenage highlander from the Grand Canyon

The danger of this picture is not only in the proximity of man to the deep abyss of the canyon. The mysterious detail that appeared after film development was another person who was hiding in the bushes at the time of the shooting. Why did he not show himself? What were his intentions? Who is he at all? Questions remained unanswered.